This year's Prague Gothic Treffen is already knocking on the door. On the last weekend of August - on the 25th and 26th of August 2023 - Prague will be plunged into black, and bats will come from all corners of Europe (and beyond) to our capital city. Let's take a look at the programme and other details of this event.

Just like last year, the clubs Fuchs2 and Bike Jesus (and their immediate surroundings) on the Prague island of Štvanice are the venues. Both clubs are located in the same building, so moving from one stage to the other will only take a few seconds. Moreover, the schedule of both nights is designed so that the times of the performers will overlap only minimally and you will be able to see a substantial part of the performances of all the artists. You won't miss anything important from the music programme. In addition, the clubs are much better prepared this year for possible outdoor heat.

The Bike Jesus club has a large outdoor chill-out zone so you can spend time in the fresh air just a few steps away from the main event. On Saturday, from around 9 pm, the outdoor space will also host an exclusive light show from Weird Visuals, designed specially for PGT. Don't miss it. 

You won't miss the popular Gothic Picnic either, which will also be held on Saturday from 4 pm on the island of Štvanice, just steps away from the clubs. You can find a map with the picnic location on the official PGT website in the next few days.

If you are looking for a stylish souvenir from the PGT, there will be a photo booth where you can take pictures of yourself and your friends in your festive outfit again.

Also this year, we have prepared the official merchandise of the Prague Gothic Treffen, which we will present to you in a few days. The beautiful main motif this time was taken care of by  Striga. You can look forward to new T-shirts with two versions of printing, as well as backpacks, badges and patches. All items are limited in number, and there are no plans to reprint them, so definitely don't leave your purchase for the last minute. The booth itself can be found at Bike Jesus this year, as well as merchandise from the performing bands. . 

And now let's go to the music program itself.

Until now, we have not introduced the line-up of DJs who will take care of your entertainment during the nightly afterparties. Hailing from Hungary, comes the DJ duo SenkWaves, who are behind the Senkrecht Records label and also behind many genre concerts held in Budapest. You can look forward to a mix of darkwave, minimal, coldwave and dark synthpop. This will be their first DJ gig abroad and we are happy that it is Prague.


Poland will be represented at this year's PGT by one of the most prominent figures of the polish scene, DJ Woodraf. You may know him as the main figure of the agile Bat-Cave label, webzine and also the organizer of the cult festival Return To The Batcave. Under his baton, you can dance to post-punk, deathrock, goth rock and coldwave.

We are very happy to announce that Friday's afterparty after Sigue Sigue Sputnik's performance will be hosted by Slovak DJ legend Šony. You can expect a bold party in the styles of new-wave, 80s, gothic rock and post-punk, served from vinyl.

The final Saturday afterparty will be hosted by members of the DJ Crew. As usual, expect the unexpected, the main theme is fun until dawn. And that's the way we all like it, right?

The schedule will look like this:

Friday 25.8.2023

  Fuchs2 Bike_Jesus
20:00 doors doors
20:45   Warteraum (AT/CZ)
21:05 Noktva (IT)  
21:45   Ductape (TR)
22:30 Pink Turns Blue (DE)  
23:15   NNHMN (DE)
0:15 Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK)  
1:00   Sydney Valette (FR)
1:30 DJ Šony (SK)  
2:30   DJ SenkWaves (HU)

Saturday 26.8.2023

  Fuchs2 Bike Jesus
20:00 doors doors
20:45 Latexotiq (CZ)  
21:05   Już nie żyjesz (PL)
21:45 Dead Lights (UK/NL)  
22:30   Grundeis (DE)
23:15 Agent Side Grinder (SE)  
0:15   Golden Apes (DE)
1:00 Rabia Sorda (MX/DE)  
1:30   DJ Woodraf (PL)
2:30 DJ crew (CZ)  

A reminder that pre-sale tickets are still available exclusively at GoOut  for 890 CZK (+ fees), but the number of available tickets is quickly running out. A two-day season ticket can be purchased at the venue for CZK 1,200. One-day tickets will not be available. See you soon!

25. - 26. August 2023,
clubs: Fuchs2 a Bike Jesus, Praha 7 - Štvanice
live: Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK), Rabia Sorda (MX/DE), Pink Turns Blue (DE), Agent Side Grinder (SE), Sydney Valette (FR), NNHMN (DE), Golden Apes (DE), Noktva (IT), Ductape (TR), Dead Lights (NL/UK), Grundeis (DE), Już Nie Żyjesz (PL), Warteraum (CZ(AT), Latexotiq (CZ) + DJs.
DJs: SenkWaves (HU), Woodraf (PL), Šony (SK), DJ Crew (CZ).
Presale: 890 CZK + fees  (GoOut) /  1200 CZK

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