See the complete line-up and few more details about this year's PRAGUE GOTHIC TREFFEN

Here's some news you might find handy regarding the 15th PGT.

The 15th Prague Gothic Treffen will be exceptional in many ways. First, we must respect the current hygienic regulations. It means that there is a duty to wear a facemask (or to cover your mouth and nose in any other appropriate way) in all indoor areas of the venues.  Please note that without proper protection we won’t be able to let you enter the clubs. There will be disinfection ready for your hands at the entrances of venues. We believe these precautions will help us all to stay safe. 

Another point is related to this – the maximum number of visitors allowed by our government is 500. Therefore, there is a limited amount of tickets available in our presale (here). More than half of the tickets are sold now. We know that majority of visitors tend to buy the tickets at doors or just a few days before PGT. That is why we wanted to give you a heads up – it is safer not to wait until the very last minute with the purchase since there will be just a limited number of tickets available at doors. Now let’s skip to a more pleasant topic.

PGT 2019

It wouldn’t be a Prague Gothic Treffen without our regular Gothic picnic. You can join it on Saturday at 4 pm at Zahrada Kinských (see the full coordinates here). You can join our gourmet contest of the self-explanatory title Spooky Cookie.
We have also finished the line-up with the DJ guests, including our dear and precious DJ De’Ath (Black Veil, UK), DJ Cyberpagan (, DE) and DJ Terrorissmo (Electronic Saviour, A). And of course, some local names, too. Let’s cut it, here’s the full line-up.

-=== F R I D A Y ===-

? WAVE STAGE- (Prostor Země, Nádražní 76)

20:00 club opens, DJ Aleister Dantes (warmup electro set)
21:30 =LOVE MY SCIENCE (new wave/electropunk from Bratislava, SK)
22:10 DJ, DJ Aleister Dantes (synthwave set)
23:00 =HØRD (darkwave/synthwave magician from Bordeaux, FR)
00:00-??:?? DJ Terrorissmo (EBM/harsh electro/aggrotech, A)

? GUITAR STAGE- (Underdogs', Nádražní 5)

20:00 club opens
21:00 =TEAR (comeback of the Prague electro/rock machine, CZ)
21:45 DJ Favourite Slave (postpunk, goth, darkwave)
22:30 =ISOLATED YOUTH (the hottest postpunk/indie blood, SE)
23:30 DJ Cyberpagan (postpunk, deathrock, goth, DE)
00:00 =FRANK THE BAPTIST (gothic rock/postpunk legend, US/DE)
01:30 DJ Cyberpagan/DJ Favourite Slave guitar dance till the end

-=== S A T U R D A Y ===-

16:00 Gothic Picnic at Zahrada Kinských (map 

? ELECTRO STAGE - (Futurum Music Bar, Zborovská 7, big stage)

20:00 club opens
21:00 =NEMUER (pagan folk, CZ)
22:15 =TYSKE LUDDER (the EBM/electro storm will strike Prague for the first time!, DE)
00:00 =CLAN OF XYMOX (darkwave legend, NL/DE)
01:30-??:?? DJs (the "last men standing" set)

? GUITAR STAGE - (Futurum Music Bar, small stage)

20:00 otvírá klub
20:30 DJ BeoWulf (dark wave, goth)
22:00 DJ De'Ath (a DJ goth veteran, UK)
01:00-??:?? DJs (the "the most sober one plays" set)


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