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CZ Sanctuary and the people within:

CZ Sanctuary is the eldest active gothic webzine in the Czech Republic, founded back in 2004 by Ezechiel and Samgarr. Later the maniacal dark art fan and photographer Paesant joined in and the “core” of CzS had been established. The webzine would never be what it is now without two more important members, who reinforced the team in 2007 and 2008. It was a dark scene enthusiast Pavel Zelinka (former chief-editor of independent Radio Akropolis) and the experienced, devoted LP/MC/CD/DVD collector Nephilim.

Work and goals:

The main aim of CZ Sanctuary is to support the Gothic subculture in the Czech Republic and its surroundings, by promoting and arranging gothic parties (live gigs), writing reviews, news and reports, translating articles, supporting promoters and Czech bands and creating a space for the people of CZ, where they can meet and get to know each other. Simply - to put together a real Czech gothic community. With the activities mentioned above CZ Sanctuary holds an annual meeting of Goths called “Prague Gothic Treffen” (a paraphrase taken from the name of biggest gothic event in the world – Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany), where it provides versatile DJs of “CZ Sanctuary DJ Team” and cooperates with gothic media and events abroad. For the love of horror movies CZ Sanctuary also runs the tradition of the official Czech Zombiwalk (www.zombiewalk.cz). The recent connection with radio Wave resulted in founding a regular Darkwave show (every Wednesday 22:00 – 00:00), the first gothic radio show in the Czech air ever. What comes next…?

Is there an English version of CZ Sanctuary?

Unfortunately not (yet). The members of CZ Sanctuary team have their own jobs so all the activity must be done in their free time. With such few people it is impossible for us to keep the website updated in both languages…at least for now, sorry…but we’re working on it ;).

However we are aware that a lot of people from abroad wants to visit our country and seek some info about Czech gothic subculture on our page. The least we can do is to provide a database of Czech gothic clubs and shops with a short description and review in English - see the English menu on the left. We hope this will help you a little bit. In case of any question don’t hesitate to contact us at redakce@sanctuary.cz. More to come…

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Dear Michael,<br /><br />I totally agree, it is weird and sad that such a historical and nicely darkened city like Prague cannot afford to have a real gothic club. There were several attempts to change this situation (either in trying to turn a regular pub towards the gothic scene or plans to open a whole new club) but always with the same result - unfortunately there's not enough Goths around to support and maintain this idea. <br /><br />You're right the Czech scene is not strong and active enough despite our best efforts. It seems that the half of the decade of hard work (and occasional work of the guys before us) is still not enough. Thank you for your kind words, we will try to keep it up and hopefully one day we'll be able to witness opening of something ours. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Prague anyway.<br /><br />Cheers and see you<br /><br />Ezechiel
Making my second trip to Praha 31.10 through 7.11. On my first trip, in 2003, the very first morning at breakfast in the hotel, the background music included a song by Wolfsheim. My traveling companion and I thought that this was a sign of good things to come... but it was not to be. The closest we found was a fun night of metal at Hells Bells. <br /><br />Very sad to see that the scene still hasn't come together into something permanent. Prague is such a darkly beautiful city with such incredible architecture and history (not many of us Americans can say we have seen buildings and gravestones three times the age of our country). It deserves an active Goth scene. Until that can happen, though, keep up the good work promoting it through parties, club nights, and the like.<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Michael
Hey! I'm from Panama, Central America, and I am going to study in the Czech Republic next year, starting around september. So, I was thinking about... is the goth subculture marginized like it is in Panama? I mean... do people critizes you, yells nasty stuff, avoid you, or even want to harm you, just because you're goth? In Panama we are gettimg a lot of bad publicity from the media, saying we are a bunch of social misfits worshipping the devil in the graveyards, and because of that, people hates us, even when it is not true, of course..
Hey Karl!<br /><br />Its great to hear that we are going to host this special visit from far far away - and we hope we will meet you at some party next year!;) The situation as youve described is not what I would say about czech subculture "climate"...of course, there are assholes, like everywhere else, with whom you can get into trouble because of unusuaally clothing or whatever... but generally, I think this country made a quite big step forward after 20 years from communist era, so dont worry that somebody will hit you down because of long hair or something:D
...but sure, the other thing is what media writes about this subculture - weve been trying to fight against prejudice and ignorance since Sanctuary.cz is alive, but still...people want to read stories of devils teenagers eating chicken heads and drinking sheep blood in the newspapers..and putting goths behind it will be always sexy for people from mass media :) ....Take care and hopefully, we will meet each other, you can catch us also on redakce@sanctuary.cz
Hi,<br /><br />we are promoting the new SWEET WILLIAM album "Ocean". Released May 13 on the French label d-monic.<br /><br />you will find all infos of the band here: www.sweetwilliam.de<br /><br />The band excists since 1986 and is one of the well known Dark Wave - Alternative Rock bands from Germany.<br /><br />If you have any more links to magazines or any media worth promoting please let us know.<br /><br />If you would like to get a promo copy via download for a review - just let us know<br /><br />Thank you very much - sonic

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