Trip to the Moon with Aether by Aeon Sable

Bunch of dreamers from Essen who drifted for years between gothic rock, psychedelia and metal created a beast. We will try to reveal what is it about.

Aeon Sable - Aether
Released at: Solar Lodge 

There’s deep dark sound and voice proclaiming the spell. Strike a match and ignition! Those matches! Yes, those special matches I found in the envelope with this second white album simply named “Aether”.  During the song about distant ladscapes echoed in stucked guitar riff, something unnamed is kidnaping my mind high above the sample of Gregorian chant. On the other hand “Follow the Light” is catchy radio hit similar to “Dancefloor Satellite” and yes, you wanna dance everytime you hear this.

However let’s get back to the path with “Deadlock Canon”.  An angel’s voice and graduating guitars may take you even to tears. Tell me! When did you last cry just for beauty? Salvation for the wounded souls. Try this and you will probably laugh and cry at the same time. I shiver with chill and chatter with teeth as I fly around the Moon during “Burn For Salvation”. Far, far away from the Earth. The Portuguese song “O Senhor Do Medo” sounds like a stopover on a distant exoplanet where you experience the unconscious autosuggestion of your own fear. But to be honest, guitars at the end could go much harder and more aggressive. Anyway I love so much the synthetic conclusion.


When comes to “Dark Matter” I’m broken into pieces. Absolute state of weightlessness beyond the border of the universe. Musically I sniff here an inspiration by Swedish starcruisers ISON. Meanwhile old Sputnik satellite is flying around me and spreading voices of the Ancient Gods. And then all the old is gone. With the sound of ”Leaving the Fourth Season” we became a part of the new existence. Those metal riffs are that overwhelming. Following hard oriental rhythm is just like cut out of Karl Sander’s composition and atmosphere here remains the film “Only Lovers Left Alive”. We couldn’t wish a better return to reality. It’s just like the dance after poppy seeds milk.

You don’t need to be Japanese multi-billionaire to go on a journey around the Moon. You just need to spend a few bucks for this new Aeon Sable album and they will take you there and what more – not only to the Moon but much much further.


The whole album is just like box of luxury chocolate pralines where the each song has another taste. Some is smooth and soft and the other is spicy. Let’s call it the box of pleasures. Sound of the album is massive pulsing organism fulfilled with great imaginative details. Recently, many musicians are betting on the cover artwork. The result is often a tangible piece of art but the main suspect - music itself lies unfortunately behind. In case of "Aether" it's quite different. Behind the inconspicuous minimal cover hides the musical artwork par excellence.
So lovecraftian.

I can’t do otherwise than give 93%

Those remaining to hundred are promise for the next seven songs.



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