This year's PGT is history, let's start looking forward to the next edition.

Intense in every way –⁠ that's how you could describe this year's Prague Gothic Treffen (at least in our opinion). First of all we would like to thank all the performers who gave great performances and of course we would like to thank you, the visitors. Without you, the atmosphere of PGT would not be the same. And probably the event itself wouldn't be either.

And since we sold out this year (for the first time in the history of the event), we will try even harder to eliminate the imperfections next year and offer you an interesting line-up and overall program so you can bring home pleasant memories only. We welcome all your opinions and comments on what you think was good or what you think went wrong. Let us know in the comments which of the acts you were most happy about, and of course we are also interested in your tips for artists you think should appear at PGT in the future. 

When we were finishing the afterparty of this year's Prague Gothic Treffen shortly after seven o'clock on Sunday morning, we were already thinking about how to improve the next PGT. We will keep you updated with the details on our website, here is the first info.

As in previous years, we have scheduled the PGT for the last weekend of August, so make sure to write in your diaries that XIX. Prague Gothic Treffen will take place on 30. and 31. August 2024. If you were attentive during this year's edition and read through the program to the end, you will have discovered, besides the upcoming autumn events, the names of four acts confirmed for next year. Let's introduce them now in a little more detail.

The formation Rue Oberkampf was founded in 2016 by three Munich DJs, Michael Mair, Damien De-Vir and Julia de Jouy. Their music, combining hypnotic 80s glitz with the atmosphere of techno era dance halls and complemented by Julia's vocals in German, English or French, quickly found a devoted group of fans thanks to their singles and their first album "Christophe-Philippe". But the real buzz came after the release of last year's excellent album "Liebe", in fact three of our five editors named it one of the best records of the past year. Rue Oberkampf have become a sought-after concert attraction and we are very pleased to present them for the first time in the Czech Republic. Dark glasses are recommended, as the strobes will go mad.


Post-punk quartet Raskolnikov will appear in Prague after six years. The French-Swiss formation was formed in 2015, originally as a trio. Throw postpunk as the basic raw material into the cauldron, spice it up with thick shoegaze, boil it with a strong coldwave extract and serve it preferably live, along with existentialist lyrics about the bitterness of existence and the impossibility of redemption, exactly in the spirit of the namesake from Dostoevsky's famous novel. The band has materialized the sharp riffs and captivating melodies into three albums and will present a selection of the best on the upcoming PGT. We are looking forward to it!

For the origins of the next confirmed act we have to go back to 1992, when the darkwave formation In Mitra Medusa Inri was formed in Germany. Their first album "Long Forgotten World" catapulted them to the narrow top of their genre. The band faced a number of personnel changes and temporary break-ups during their existence, but over the years they still put out some very good records, such as "Darkness Between Us" (2003). We've been waiting for a full-length album for almost a decade, but maybe IMMI will introduce some new songs during their Czech premiere.


From the opposite end of the dark musical spectrum, Italian/British techno-industrial devils Alien Vampires will play their show. In this case it will be the band's first performance in our country. Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker have been raging on stage together for two decades and in that time they have managed to produce six albums, a good number of singles and EPs and a number of remixes for their musical colleagues. Expect an uncompromising harsh electro/industrial show with explicit and perverse lyrics, just everything every Pokémon needs to live. If you like to sweat in the audience, this will be the moment.


Of course, this is far from all for you at XIX. Prague Gothic Treffen! We will announce the next batch of performers later this year. In addition to that, we are also working on the accompanying program and a few other news, which we will introduce you to next time. 

Tickets for PGT are available from tomorrow exclusively at the GoOut pre-sale network, where you can currently buy them for 790 CZK (+ network fees). This special pre-sale price will be valid only for the first 50 tickets, until 31. 09. 2023 at the latest. As in previous years, the ticket price is valid for both days, day tickets will not be on sale.

30. - 31. august 2024, Praha
live: Rue Oberkampf (DE), Alien Vampires (IT/UK), In Mitra Medusa Inri (DE), Raskolnikov (FR/CH), more TBA.
pre-sale: 790 Kč + network fees (early birds -, starting from 29.8.2023 from 8AM.

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