Páté pokračování charitativní kompilace Electronic Saviors je na spadnutí

Na 6 CD najdete to nejlepší ze současné elektronické scény.

Už popáté letos v červnu vyjde kompilace Electronic Saviors, kterou dává dohromady Jim Semonik, přeživší po zákeřném útoku rakoviny. Proto také veškerý výtěžek z prodeje tohoto výběru (stejně jako v případě předchozích nosičů) poputuje na charitativní účely. Letošní porce vyjde 15. června a poprvé ji zaštiťuje label Distortion Productions. Fyzické nosiče jsou navíc limitované, proto neváhejte a objednávejte zde.

Níže najdete kompletní tracklist a trailer:

Disc 1-Condolences

1. FIRES Featuring The Rain Within-Survive
2. Ashbury Heights-Recorded for M.G. Lewis (ES Mix)
3. Everything Goes Cold-We Don't Deserve Happiness
4. Trade Secrets-Broken Instincts
5. Lionhearts-No Going Back (Forma Tadre Alternative Remix)
6. Esther Black-California (Wiccid Remix)
7. Androidgyny-You’ve Only Got One Life
8. Aesthetic Perfection-Rhythm + Control (Third Realm Remix)
9. Tragic Impulse-APOC
10. Xentrifuge-Escape
11. Caustic-Resurrector
12. NOIR-A Pleasure To Burn (FIRES Mix)
13. Abbey Death-Those Aware 
14. TraKKtor-Virus (Resurrected)
15. The Thought Criminals-Reality 
16. Deathproof-Dashing Dame 
17. IVardensphere-Icarus (The Blood of Others Remix)

Disc 2-Sympathies

1. I:Scintilla (Featuring Daniel Neet)-Strange Day
2. Red Lokust-I'm Not Here
3. MONA MUR & EN ESCH-My Life (Massiv in Mensch RMX)
4. MC Lord Of The Flies-Rear View Mirror
5. Go Fight-Fly (All the Way)
6. Pig-If He Swings By The String
7. SHIV-R-Disconnect (Electronic Saviors Mix)
8. Stoneburner-The Heart Plug
9. Imperative Reaction-Functional (Aesthetic Perfection '09 Mix)
10. Soil & Eclipse-Skin 
11. Spider Lilies-Fight Song (Tragic Impulse Remix)
12. Encephalon- Never Bleed (Facsimile)
13. Suicide Inside-Besides Your Love
14. am.psych-Ros Lysis III
15. Seven Trees-Poisoned
16. 16VOLT-Pushing Scars (Clubber Mix)
17. Stiff Valentine-Thoughts Become Things
18. The Dark Clan-Night Terrors

Disc 3-Compassion

1. Xenturion Prime-Goodbye
2. Psy' Aviah-Game Changer (ft. MiXE1) (ES5 mix)
3. Null Device-Slowfade
4. boxed warning-Adhesion
5. Hocico-I Abomination
6. Too Dead To Die - Wanderlust (Radio Car Version)
7. Inertia- Afloat Above Abide (Robotix Mix)
8. Glass Apple Bonzai-Trapped Inside My Own Denial (feat. Jamie Cronander)
9. Ludovico Technique-Absence (Red Lokust Remix)
10. Deathline Int'l-Born Again 
11. Blutengel – Gott:Glaube
12. Helix-Anymore
13. Cesium 137-No Contact (Ferocious Patterns Mix)
14. Cephalgy-In My Head
15. Lorelei Dreaming-Parachute of Gold (Neon remix by the Rain Within)
16. Coldkill-Angel Unaware (Psyche Remix)
17. Decoded Feedback-Another Life
18. Mindless Faith-Concern (China Bluefish Mix)

Disc 4-Comfort

1. Wiccid-Days Above Ground
2. Panic Lift-More Than Anything
3. Klack-Time
4. Adoration Destroyed (Feat. Lorelei Dreaming)-Ember
5. Interface-Pathfinder 
6. Third Realm-Shattered Illusion
7. The Gothsicles feat. Toril Lindqvist of Alice in Videoland-Multi-Laired (Wiccid remix)
8. Solitary Experiments-I Am
9. Idiot Stare-The End
10. The Rain Within-Every Step And Every Breath
13. Ambassador21-War (Instrumental Version)
14. Flesh Field-Inferior (Switch Rejection Mix by Flesh Field)
15. Stars Crusaders-Beta Cancri
16. Massive Ego-Low Life (Feat. Maggie K DeMonde)
17. K.P. Riot Brigade-Child of Shame (Featuring Jared Louche and Jimmy Semtex)

Disc 5-Commiseration

1. Aimonia-Hourglass
2. Zero Fill-Wash
3. The Frixion-FDTD (Lloyd's Retrosonic mix)
4. IIOIOIOII-Neon Oblivion
5. Der Prosector-You Are Alive
6. CYLiX-A Dying Love (Savior Edit)
7. Morpheus Laughing-Trapped Bird
8. Gasoline Invertebrate-Freak Drive (Avarice In Audio Dreamix)
9. Distorted Retrospect-Intermittent (Wiccid Remix)
10. 13th Angel-Losing Myself 
11. Modovar-Uncover Love 
12. Decedent Featuring Slighter-Hyper Aware
13. Doors In The Labyrinth-When We're Gone
14. Society Burning-Bleed for Me
15. Venus In Furs-Dance
16. This Hollow Machine feat. Interface-Future (Vocal Mix)
17. Kreign-Building You Back
18. Crimes AM-How Can I (Instrumental Mix)

Disc 6-Consolation

1. Klockenhouzer-Bridges Burned
2. Traumabond-Reach
3. Plasmodivm-A Prayer for a Cold Heart
4. Hopeful Machines-Shut Up
5. Dharmata 101 - Drop
6. Project .44 & En Esch-Murder Weapon (Jim Marcus Remix)
7. Loveless Love-Liquified Love (ES5RMX)
8. Machines on Blast-Take
9. Black Light Ascension-Cul De Sac
10. Vein Collector-Repent
11. Programmable Animal-Error
12. BloodWerks-BIOS (Refragmentation Remix by The Gothsicles)
13. Silver Walks-Timebomb
14. UCNX-Relentless (DP Edit by Der Prosector)
15. Standard Issue Citizen-Thoughts and Prayers (The Devil Inside Me)
16. nTTx-Earth (Piety mix by Scrape)
17. Kounter Mehzure-Predator-In-Chief
18. 7th Victim-Her Name is Witch

Electronic Saviors 5 trailer

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